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Girl Power! Manheim Locations Band Together to Support Girl Talk, Inc.

In August, fifteen Manheim locations joined together to support Girl Talk, Inc., an organization focused on empowering young girls. Through per-car-sold donations, raffles, bake sales pledges and more, the locations raised an amazing $34,000 for the nonprofit. 

Girl Talk began in 2002 when one high school girl identified a problem and decided to make a difference. Now with 485 chapters across 10 countries, Girl Talk’s mission is to equip all girls (ages 10-18) with the skills they need to feel confident in their leadership abilities. The organization believes that there are no limits to a girl’s potential and strives to create an environment that “inspires, motivates and cultivates confidence.” The chapters are led by high school girls, who mentor middle school girls through guided weekly meetings and programs. 

“Girl Talk is an inspiring organization that is fostering the next generation of female leaders, and we are proud of the Manheim team members who banded together to make this generous donation happen,” said Michele Blondheim, director of Community Relations at Cox Enterprises, the parent company of Cox Automotive. "There is so much love and focus on community giving throughout our locations, and this effort is a shining example of the collective impact we can have when we work together for a good cause."

The locations involved in this worthwhile effort include: Manheim Atlanta, Manheim Central Florida, Manheim Daytona, Manheim Fort Myers, Manheim Fort Lauderdale, Manheim Georgia, Manheim Jacksonville, Manheim Lakeland, Manheim New Jersey, Manheim New York, Manheim Orlando, Manheim Palm Beach, Manheim Pensacola, Manheim St. Petersburg and Manheim Tampa.