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New Whitepaper: For EVs, "Wait and See" is Not a Strategy

Cox Automotive is the leading authority for how the world buys, sells, owns and uses vehicles—including electric vehicles (EVs). With EVs expected to be the dominant form of transportation in the future – in the U.S. and other leading global car markets – we believe consumer and dealer education is a critical factor in driving widespread EV adoption.  Check out this new whitepaper that covers EV trends, client implications and more.  

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The Road Ahead: Three Key Areas of Opportunity for Clients in 2024

As 2024 got underway, Cox Automotive Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke predicted a return to normalcy for the wholesale market in the year ahead. That was certainly welcome news after several years of unpredictable dynamics that kept clients—and people across the industry—on their toes. With this normalcy comes great opportunity, so Cox Automotive Inventory Solutions President Grace Huang kicked off the year outlining trends she’s watching as well as the top three areas of opportunity she sees for clients in 2024.

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Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index: The Industry Standard for 25+ Years

The Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index is a measurement of wholesale vehicle prices based on millions of transactions in the world’s largest wholesale marketplace. An industry benchmark for over 25 years, the index serves as an early indicator of what will be seen in the retail used vehicle market. The full Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index is published on the fifth business day of each month, with a mid-month update and quarterly reviews calls with the Cox Automotive Economics and Insights team. To catch up on the latest insights and sign up for notifications, follow the link below:

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Unparalleled Market Insights from Cox Automotive

Stay current on the latest trends and economic factors affecting the automotive industry today with expert insights and perspectives fueled by data from across the Cox Automotive ecosystem. As the world’s largest provider of automotive services and technology, Cox Automotive offers unparalleled access to the largest breadth of first-party data in the auto business, including more than 2.3 billion online interactions per year from its leading solutions.

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