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Manheim Adds Protections to Digital Sales, Giving Dealers Greater Buying Confidence
Program gives dealers greater confidence by expanding covered items on digital purchases.

ATLANTA – January 21, 2021 – To help dealers buy more confidently online, Manheim is expanding and enhancing protection of digital purchases with its new Digital Buyer Protection program. The program, which applies across all of Manheim’s digital platforms, expands coverage for vehicles with condition reports for damaged items not previously covered, like undocumented exterior issues, glass and more. Additionally, Manheim is aligning arbitration policies across platforms to make things easier for dealers. This is all a part of Manheim’s drive to make digital purchasing easy, efficient and intuitive—ultimately creating a fully Connected Client Experience across the Manheim Marketplace.

“When buying online, dealers need to be able to trust both the accuracy of condition reports and that Manheim will make it right if an issue arises,” said Whitney Gerkin, senior director, Digital Enablement at Manheim. “The new Digital Buyer Protection Program is a significant step to increase trust —going above and beyond the industry standard to give our clients the utmost confidence when they click to buy.”

About the Digital Buyer Protection Program

Digital Buyer Protection is a new umbrella offering that reiterates Manheim’s commitment to protect digital buyers purchasing on, Simulcast, and Manheim Express. The program expands the number of items eligible for arbitration on digital condition reports that result from inspections performed at a Manheim location or by a Manheim Express Concierge, specifically in the following four new categories:

  1. Exterior: Undocumented visible exterior damage, unacceptable undocumented paintwork, or missing exterior equipment
  2. Glass: Undocumented glass damage
  3. Interior: Undocumented visible interior damage or missing interior equipment
  4. Tires: Tread depth - major misrepresentation (off by 2/32nds or higher, resulting in 4/32nds or below)

Digital Buyer Protection covers damage items that meet a minimum of $150 per item and add up to $600 or more within one of the four categories.

Additionally, the recently announced Manheim Express Concierge Inspection Guarantee offers even more coverage on vehicles inspected by a Manheim Express Concierge, including mechanical and structural items. With the Concierge Inspection Guarantee, Manheim agrees to arbitrate on behalf of the seller for claims on items related to the Concierge-generated condition report.

To make the arbitration process even easier, Manheim is simplifying and aligning arbitration policies across its digital platforms, making it even easier for dealers to make post-purchase decisions.

About Digital Buyer Protection
The Digital Buyer Protection program applies to vehicles purchased online with condition reports performed by Manheim employees, contractors or agents, and is limited to claims for Covered Items; claims must be made during buyer's arbitration window. For more information on these new offerings and changes, click here.

About Manheim
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