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Manheim Makes Checking Out Vehicles Bought and Sold in any Channel Faster, Easier
With more vehicles sold digitally and offsite, clients can now manage how and when vehicles are released

ATLANTA – October 20, 2020 – Checking out a vehicle bought or sold through Manheim just got much easier with the new Manheim Vehicle Release process, formerly known as “Gate Pass.”  As many vehicles are no longer picked up from a physical site, the newly created Manheim Vehicle Release process gives buyers and sellers anytime access to the tools they need to release and pick up vehicles—whether the vehicle has passed through a Manheim gate or not. This important change comes on the heels of Manheim surpassing 2.5 million vehicles sold to a digital buyer so far in 2020. 

“As more and more vehicles are sold through the Manheim Digital Marketplace, but outside of our gates, we felt now was the right time to update this critical step in the wholesale process,” said Zach Hallowell, senior vice president of Manheim Digital Solutions. “By giving our buyers and sellers a way to self-serve Vehicle Release options for onsite and offsite vehicles, we’re giving them even more convenience, control and flexibility.”

This new process comes as Manheim has seen significant growth in its digital marketplace. From January through September, 80% of Manheim’s transactions have been to buyers in a digital channel. Additionally, sales through the Manheim Digital Marketplace were over 150% higher in September when compared year-over-year. Nearly 30% of buyers on Manheim’s Simulcast platform are using it for the first time, showing that more dealers are turning to digital wholesale to buy cars. 

With inventory being sold digitally from a variety of locations, the new Manheim Vehicle Release process will make it faster and easier for the vehicles to change hands. Clients will now be able to manage their Vehicle Releases on, no matter if the vehicle is on- or offsite. 

Previously, clients were only able to print their own onsite releases and needed team member assistance for offsite vehicles. But with this change, clients can manage the process themselves 24/7, so the vehicles can be released as soon as they’re available. There’s no more waiting for an email from a Manheim team member, which speeds up the process and makes it seamless, regardless of the vehicle’s location. 

Sellers will have online visibility to when vehicles can be released from the offsite location, and buyers will be able to see when those vehicles are ready to be picked-up—all within the Post-Sale Management section of For more information on the new process, clients should contact their Manheim representative.

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