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2017 Revenue

$3 billion



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8 million

Feb 12, 2019 (6:23pm)
#CoxConserves: #Manheim #Orlando recently partnered with River Network and St. Johns Riverkeeper in an effort to help the community conserve water. 15 employees converted 68 55-gallon soap drums into rainwater collection barrels. Learn more: #lifeatcox Cox Automotive Inc.
Feb 12, 2019 (12:54pm)
Welcome to Lot Vision: The GPS-based wireless device is placed in a vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port that reports its whereabouts within 10 feet on a Manheim lot, reducing the typical search time from hours to minutes. Article: Automotive News #lotvision #autoauction #gps #technology #vehicletracking #gpstracking
Manheim's new tracking tool -- Lot Vision -- should expedite vehicle searches and thus speed reconditioning and sales, the company said. And U.S. retailers hoping to track their own inventory could also benefit.
Feb 5, 2019 (10:31am)
Manheim is investing more than $100 million in our digital marketplace in 2019, including the recently launched in-app buyer experience with Manheim Express. “Our dealer and commercial clients are clearly embracing the digital marketplace to drive new efficiencies in their respective businesses,” said Derek Hansen, Vice President, Offsite Solutions at Manheim. Digital buyers account for almost half of all vehicles sold through Manheim auctions. #ManheimExpress inventory gets more than 139,000 unique buyers every month. “Manheim will continue to look for ways to expand and add new digital capabilities to fuel this demand and meet the needs of our clients,” shared Hansen. Download the app: Read more at #AutoRemarketing:
Dealers continue to look for more efficient ways to do business, and Manheim at NADA Show 2019 will continue to address that need with the unveiling of a new addition to the Manheim Express app.