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New Manheim and vAuto Integrations Help Dealers Drive Greater Inventory Profitability

ATLANTA – August 5, 2020 – Manheim and vAuto continue to create new connections across their digital platforms, helping dealers reduce depreciation risk and drive greater inventory profitability. First, new functionality in vAuto’s Provision enables clients to request a Manheim Express Concierge specialist, so they can more quickly and effortlessly get their inventory listed right from their lots. Second, vAuto’s Stocking Grade and Strategy Action will now appear within the recommended vehicles carousel, helping enable dealers to see at a glance how suggested vehicles work with their current business plans.

“Dealers have told us that they want a tighter connection between vAuto and Manheim, and these two integrations are great examples of how we’re acting on that feedback and helping dealers better manage their inventory,” said Zach Hallowell, vice president of Manheim Digital. “vAuto and Manheim offer powerful inventory management tools and bringing them closer together delivers on the promise of Cox Automotive for our clients.”

More details on these integrations follow:

Request a Manheim Express Concierge Specialist from Provision

Since March 1st, over 120,000 used car trade-ins from vAuto’s Provision have been listed in the Manheim marketplace. Now, with the ability to request a Manheim Express Concierge specialist right from the Provision platform, dealers can more quickly have their inventory listed by a Manheim specialist while staying focused on other critical aspects of their businesses.

On the Provision Gauge Page, clients can now click to request a Manheim Express Concierge specialist. The Concierge team will promptly follow up and schedule a time for a trained specialist to visit the dealership, conduct thorough vehicle inspections and list vehicles using the advanced listing tools in Manheim Express.

In addition to the typical Manheim Express capture features, including exterior 360s of the vehicle, engine audio/video clips and detailed condition information, listings conducted by a Concierge specialist offer the bonuses of having an inspection grade, OBD2 readings, undercarriage video and interior 360 imaging. Plus, Concierge specialists serve as advisors, consulting on a dealer’s overall remarketing strategy and recommending vehicle values. 

This integration comes on the heels of the first touchpoint between Manheim Express and Provision, announced in 2019, which enabled dealers to more quickly send a vehicle to Manheim Express from the Provision app.

vAuto Data Integrated into Recommendations

No doubt, stocking the right inventory is key to used vehicle profitability, and vAuto Stockwave and Provision clients rely on those tools’ insights to make critical inventory acquisition decisions. Now, clients who use those platforms will see their business plans incorporated into the existing vehicle recommendations on, with the overlay of the vAuto Stocking Grade and Strategy Action appearing in the recommendations carousel.

Vehicle recommendations, launched in 2020 with the new, are based on dealer’s one-of-a-kind search and purchase history. These personalized suggestions are driven by M LOGIC™ technology, a suite of advanced decisioning products from Manheim that bring the power of Cox Automotive data to the remarketing industry.

Having vAuto data available on recommended vehicles helps dealers make faster, more informed decisions. The data is refreshed twice per day, so clients always have the latest information at their fingertips.

“vAuto has long been focused on giving our clients the live market insights they need to make more profitable decisions when buying and selling inventory,” added Randy Kobat, vice president, Inventory Management Solutions at Cox Automotive. “With these two new touchpoints between vAuto and Manheim, we are making it easier for clients to turn insights into actions that will keep their businesses moving forward.”

Clients interested in learning more can visit,, or reach out to their respective reps or performance managers.

About Manheim
Manheim, the nation’s leading provider of end-to-end wholesale vehicle solutions, is celebrating 75 years as an industry innovator, driving success for clients, the company, its employees and the industry. The dream of five men who auctioned off a handful of cars in 1945 from a single-lane location in Manheim, Pennsylvania launched a company that today offers 7 million used vehicles annually and facilitates transactions representing nearly $67 billion in value with the grit and determination of our team members. Through its physical, mobile and digital sales network, Manheim offers services for decisioning, buying and selling, floor planning, logistics, assurance and reconditioning. Operating the largest vehicle wholesale marketplace, Manheim enables clients more efficient ways to connect and transact business how and when they want. Headquartered in Atlanta, Manheim is a Cox Automotive™ brand. For more information, visit

About vAuto
vAuto® provides innovative technology, tools and business intelligence to thousands of dealerships across the United States and Canada, helping them compete more effectively and increase new/used vehicle sales volumes and profits. Founded in 2005, vAuto revolutionized dealers’ used vehicle operations with the groundbreaking Provision® suite of tools. Leveraging The Velocity Method of Management®, pioneered by vAuto founder, Dale Pollak, Provision helped dealers adopt a more transparent and turn-focused approach to used vehicle acquisition, appraising, pricing and merchandising based on real-time, local market supply-and-demand data. In 2018, vAuto released the Provision ProfitTime metric and methodology to help dealers maximize inventory turn and gross profit based on the investment value or profit potential of each vehicle. The same year, the company expanded its integrations with Cox Automotive’s HomeNet unit and acquired iRecon, an online reconditioning workflow platform. The moves extend vAuto’s efficiency-focused used vehicle management solutions into vehicle merchandising and reconditioning.

vAuto’s solutions also include Conquest, a new vehicle inventory management and pricing system, and Stockwave, which enables dealers to efficiently find and purchase vehicles from leading wholesale sources via a single platform.

Headquartered near Chicago, Illinois, vAuto is a Cox Automotive™ brand.