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Manheim Expands Mobile Auction Network
Dealer Demand, Higher Sales Rates Bring Offering to New Markets

ATLANTA — Meeting dealers where they are is the driving force behind Manheim’s expanding mobile auctions and growing offsite digital sales. Due to dealer and commercial consignor demand for more remarketing options, Manheim is expanding its mobile auction network to new cities in the Northeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Today, Manheim conducts more than 65 mobile auction sales each month, with dealers typically realizing on average a 63 percent sales rate.  And, special offsite digital sales hosted by major commercial consignors, such as Toyota / Lexus Financial Services, are also growing, creating a unique auction experience for buyers. 

“Pioneering mobile auction sales over a decade ago, we’re proud of our efforts to deliver a more convenient way for dealers to access needed inventory to grow their businesses,” said Patrick Brennan, senior vice president of Marketplace at Manheim. “We’ve also heard that our sellers are looking for ways to reduce costs, better compete and move inventory faster—and our team is helping make to make this happen every day.”

Hosted via dedicated units outfitted to conduct sales in-person and via Simulcast, Manheim’s mobile sales include an auctioneer and support staff, along with services dealers appreciate, including financing, condition reports and assurance solutions. Not only does Manheim bring the technology and expertise to host an auction anywhere, anytime, it also uses targeted marketing to bring an average of 1.25 online and in-person buyers per car run in each sale.

When Findlay Automotive in Henderson, Nevada was looking for a way to better build their brand with their wholesale buyers, they decided to go with Manheim’s mobile sale. Chad Leavitt, chief accounting officer, said of the experience:

“We were looking for a solution that would allow us to control the logistics of the sale, have dedicated auction support, and host at a convenient location. The Manheim mobile sale has allowed us to do all of these things, and the metrics have exceeded our expectations on every level. Our sales percentage, attendance, and percent of MMR success have proven that we made the correct choice to do a mobile sale with Manheim. This is exactly what our group needed.”

Consignors provide the vehicles and location, with the ideal mobile auction candidate having at least 100 vehicles for sale each month. In addition to delivering a targeted buyer base, mobile auctions also enable consignors to reduce transportation and travel costs normally incurred with physical auctions.

Recently added mobile sales include:

  • Northeast: Four additional sales across Pennsylvania and New York, including Reading, PA; Utica, NY; Rochester NY and Long Island, NY.
  • Midwest: Growth in this region has resulted in adding a lane to accommodate new consigners at Manheim St. Louis South County, as well as opening new Missouri sale in November. Additionally, the first mobile sale in Iowa will launch in the Des Moines area with a large Chevrolet dealer. Manheim also has a mobile footprint in Michigan with a new sale north of Flint, MI.
  • Mid-Atlantic: Manheim has grown and enhanced the existing Manheim Roanoke sale by relocating it and adding new consigners along with opening a second location in Richmond, VA. 
  • East: Manheim Metro Charlotte in North Carolina expanded to a two-lane facility in September, with additional plans to enhance the Greensboro mobile partnership in progress.
  • Southeast: The Southeast market grew in 2018 with a new Manheim Gadsden sale in Alabama, Manheim Columbus in Georgia increasing in sale frequency to every two weeks, and a new sale in Tallahassee, FL that started in mid-October.

Commercial consignors are also getting into the offsite auction scene by hosting creative events that combine a unique experience with live bidding. Conducted with a live auctioneer and inventory digitally displayed, these offsite sales create a compelling proposition for buyers—and a successful selling format for consignors.

Consignors have held these sales in attractive locations such as a vineyard in California’s wine country; Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado; and even on the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier in San Diego. These offsite digital sales are tremendously successful, with consignors selling over 70 percent of their inventory, on average.

“The variety of specialized clientele and the desire to deliver top of market service and results fuels Manheim’s efforts to deliver customized solutions for our clients,” added Brennan. “It’s just one more way we’re giving our buyers and sellers what they want and need: choice in how they do business with us.”

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