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Looking Ahead: An Update from Manheim President Grace Huang
November 2020 (updated 11/19)

I know you’ll agree that a lot has changed over the past eight months. However, in that time, we’ve come to understand much more about this virus and its effect on our industry and our clients’ businesses. While there’s still uncertainty, the wholesale vehicle market remains as critical as ever. What we do matters. For Manheim, it’s about moving forward, adapting to changing situations, listening to our clients, and keeping health and safety always at the center.

Encouraged by the successful implementation of our Digital Block™ sales, Manheim launched a pilot program earlier this month for running cars down physical lanes. The pilot program began at Manheim Nashville and Manheim Daytona Beach and was recently expanded to 12 additional sites. (Click here to view all locations). This decision was made once we were confident in our phased-in approach and in response to client requests for more buying and selling options. Dealers who attended the first two physical sales told us they appreciated the added option and emphasis on safety, even though the number of sellers who ran vehicles was limited.

As a pilot program, we will continue to carefully monitor these sales before announcing plans for more locations. I’d especially like to thank our dealers for their ongoing support of our safety protocols throughout the pandemic, as it gave us assurance that together, we could safely return to running cars down lanes.

Our goal is not to run all cars down all lanes at all locations. It’s about operating our business in the safest way possible, while delivering convenience and efficiency to clients, regardless of how they choose to do business. And, while some clients have told us that digital has become a highly efficient way of doing business, others still desire more options to buy and sell cars.  

As Manheim and our clients continue to adjust to a post-COVID-19 environment, we are seeing positive digital trends:

  • Each week, nearly 100,000 dealers are attending Manheim sales, whether bidding onsite via Digital Block sales or participating digitally.
  • We are experiencing more buyers, with existing ones expanding their geographical reach for vehicles, more bidding and lower arbitration rates.
  • Simulcast Remote Seller usage has grown by over 45% since the switch to digital-only sales, even though sellers can now represent their vehicles on the block at Manheim sites.
  • Offsite transactions are up approximately 42% year-over year. These include cars sold directly from dealer lots through solutions such as Manheim Express and Manheim Mobile Auctions.

Below are some operational updates.  For more information go to

  • We expanded our Mobile Auction Network to give dealers convenient access to inventory. This includes the addition of Manheim Rochester, the first-ever physical presence for us and our clients in the region.
  • It is now easier for dealers to check out a bought or sold vehicle with Manheim’s Vehicle Release process (formerly Gate Pass) that lets them print their Vehicle Release whether they are on- or off-site.
  • Digital Block sales are now offered at most of our sites, prompted by positive dealer feedback and rising attendance. Held at physical auctions using Simulcast, vehicles do not physically move across the block.
    Instead, images are displayed on-screen and buyers can bid standing in-lane.
  • Manheim will continue to waive Simulcast buyer and seller success fees through year end, and will communicate changes as they arise.

As we close out our 75th year in business, we celebrate our dealer clients and thank them for their years of support and valued partnerships. While much has changed since 1945, one thing is certain. Manheim will continue to be here during good times and bad, delivering a trusted marketplace that brings us all together. 

Best wishes for a safe and happy Thanksgiving,

Grace Huang
President, Manheim