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Looking Ahead: An Update from Manheim President Grace Huang
May 27, 2020

Earlier this month, we made what is undoubtedly the most difficult decision in Manheim’s 75-year history: furloughing 9,000 of our U.S. team members. While we hoped to avoid this decision, sharp declines in vehicle transactions and a required move to an all-digital format made it necessary.

Thankfully, we are beginning to see early signs of economic recovery, including increased sales activity and the easing of restrictions in all 50 states. We’re also experiencing an uptick in reconditioning requests, which has made it possible to bring back more than 300 of our furloughed team members. As business conditions continue to improve, we plan to recall even more furloughed employees.

In addition, with our lots at full capacity, Manheim locations have begun providing access for clients to preview inventory on a limited basis. To date, two-thirds of our locations are participating with expanded viewing days and times while maintaining strict safety and compliance protocols. Also, our Lot Vision wireless tracking technology is in place at 13 locations – with plans to double that number by year’s end – adding greater efficiency to the previewing process where available. Client feedback has been very positive.

We fully appreciate that our move to an all-digital auction operation has been a significant adjustment for clients, from buying on Simulcast and paying for vehicles online to using our Remote Seller tool to rep vehicles. We also realize that we can do even more to provide the vehicle information necessary to instill buyer confidence through our condition reports and imaging. In response, Manheim is accelerating our investment in these areas with plans to roll out key enhancements in the coming months. Additionally, working closely with our clients, we are exploring other ways to continue improving the digital auction experience.      

As companies across the country and within our own industry begin to reopen, we are seeing varying methods for returning to business. At Manheim, our approach is guided by CDC guidelines; informed by Cox Automotive’s pandemic data; and driven by our core values to always do the right thing for our team members, clients and communities.

As state and local directives allow, we will continue to adjust our operations to make it more convenient for our clients to conduct business. Should further COVID-19-related developments alter our plans, we will adapt accordingly.  
Ongoing Policies

  • Manheim will continue to offer support to dealers by:  
    • Waiving Simulcast buyer and seller success fees
    • Waiving the Manheim Express sell fee for all self-listed vehicles
    • Offering daily MMR retention values to help with vehicle valuations during volatile market conditions
    • Waiving fee for vehicles sold without a title or Title Absent (TA)
    • Temporarily changing our Arbitration policy by not allowing arbitration on a TA vehicle
    • Directing dealers to the Manheim Learning Center for ways to save time when doing business digitally 

As an industry, we have traveled down a road paved with much uncertainty.  I am grateful to our employees, clients and our partners for their steadfast support and hopeful that together, our comeback will be stronger than our setback.

Stay healthy and safe,


Grace Huang
President, Manheim