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Manheim and Remarketing by Element Team Up for “Race to Give” Campaign
Over $150,000 Raised and Donated to the American Red Cross

As part of the Manheim and Remarketing by Element “Race to Give” national marketing campaign held July 1 – September 30, over 30 Manheim auctions across the U.S. hosted creative fundraisers to support the American Red Cross. Fundraising efforts ranged from sports memorabilia silent auctions and gift basket opportunity drawings to auctioning off a red car. Managers and supervisors were even willing to take a pie in the face for the cause. Collective fundraising efforts generated over $150,000 and ample awareness of Red Cross programs and services. The funds are staying local where they were raised, helping to support the local Red Cross chapter’s disaster relief. In addition to raising funds, local level involvement included blood drives, hurricane relief collection drives, assembling comfort kits, installing smoke alarms and teddy bear builds. 


This year, Remarketing by Element added a “Race to Give Impact Award Challenge” to award the auction with the most impactful campaign. A disaster relief vehicle will be donated to the winning auction’s local Red Cross chapter. Emergency response and fleet vehicles are essential to Red Cross disaster relief operations. As disaster strikes, Red Cross responders deploy emergency response vehicles to affected areas to provide food, water, relief supplies and comfort to people in need. The winning auction will be announced during the 2017 Remarketing by Element Excellence Award dinner on November 30.


“Ongoing financial support from members of the Disaster Responder Program, like Cox Automotive, helps create a reliable funding base for disaster relief services, providing food, shelter, emotional support and other essential assistance,” said Don Herring, Red Cross Chief Development Officer. “Cox Automotive is essential to our ability to assist disaster survivors and support the first responders and volunteers who work tirelessly at the scene of a disaster.” Across the nation, 365 days a year, Cox Automotive team members, clients, family and friends are proud to rally around the cause to help further the partnership.