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Auctioneers Battle for Championship Title at Manheim PA
WAAC Winners
L-to-R: Dallas Massey, Woody Woodruff, Ben Gunter, Andy White, Paul C. Behr

It seemed only fitting that Manheim Pennsylvania Auto Auction, the birthplace of the modern day auto auction, would host this prestigious championship where seasoned auctioneers and ring people demonstrate the time-honored selling tradition and battle for top honors across three categories – best auctioneer, best ringperson and best two-person team – as well as $12,500 in prize money.


Challengers worked all day to stand out in their presentation, chant, voice quality, salesmanship and other performance elements of effective auctioneering. Contestants were also judged on their ability to interact and communicate with bidders and buyers.


In the final round, Ashland, Ohio resident Andy White beat out a field of 15 finalists to take home the high honor of 2017 Automobile Auctioneer World Champion. Dallas Massey of Starkville, Mississippi took home the title of 2017 World Automobile Auctioneer Championship Ringman and partners Woody Woodruff of Tennessee and Ben Gunter of Alabama took home the 2017 World Automobile Auctioneer Championship Team title.


“It is inspiring to watch these top professionals display their craft,” remarked Joey Hughes, general manager of Manheim Pennsylvania. “Auctioneers and ringmen are vital components of a successful sale. When you watch a competition like this, you can truly see how each person adds a unique edge to attracting buyers and increasing the bidding competition.”


Shane O’Dell, president of Cox Automotive Financial Solutions Group, Grace Huang, senior vice president of Manheim inventory Services, and Gerry Hinton, president of the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA)were among the top auto auction industry executives attending and judging the championship.


"There were definitely a few standouts," said Grace Huang, Manheim SVP Inventory Services and judge. "These men and women work very hard and it was a fascinating delight to participate in this competition."


At Manheim Pennsylvania, some 70 auctioneers present more than 500,000 vehicles for sale annually. Throughout the Manheim organization, some 1,857 auctioneers and ringpersons work among its North American locations.