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Dealers Acquiring Higher Mileage Wholesale Inventory Can Reduce Risk with New Inspection Offering
DealShield launches Limited Powertrain Inspection at Manheim Locations Nationwide
Manheim Mechanics Inspect Vehicles after the sale.
“When it comes to purchasing vehicles dealers don’t want any surprises. To truly instill confidence in the transaction, we realized buyers of older inventory need an assurance option so we created the Limited Powertrain Inspection.” - Fredrick Standfield, Vice President of Manheim’s Assurance Solutions.

ATLANTA, April 18, 2017- Dealers who purchase higher risk, higher-mileage units can gain greater confidence in the transaction with Manheim's new Limited Powertrain Inspection now available at locations nationwide. The Limited Powertrain Inspection guarantees the major components of any green light vehicle with mileage equal to or higher than 125k miles, or any green-yellow or yellow light vehicles with no mileage restrictions, for 7 days and includes an inspection of major vehicle components. This is Manheim’s first inspection product for higher mileage vehicles to include structural, engine, transmission, transfer case, and Hybrid / Electric Battery in the inspection guarantee.

This new inspection offering helps dealers reduce risk and avoid unexpected repair costs associated with higher mileage inventory and potential transportation fees by identifying potential problems before the vehicle leaves the auction. The guarantee timeframe also provides adequate time to receive and evaluate the vehicle.

Why is this inspection needed?

Condition Reports offer a visual representation of the physical condition of a vehicle, providing buyers with valuable information to inform their purchase. However, they do not include mechanical, electrical or structural inspections, and therein lays the risk.

Dealers buying inventory that is four-years-old or less can reduce that risk by purchasing a Post-Sale Inspections (PSI).  Now standard at most auctions, the PSI offers 7-or 14-day guarantees on inspection of some of the major vehicle systems including odometer, transmission, engine, ABS, brakes, electrical, air conditioning, 4x4 system, supplemental restraint system and airbags and includes checks for flood or structure damage.

The new Limited Powertrain Inspection was developed to fill a need for assurance options for dealers acquiring older inventory.

“When it comes to purchasing vehicles dealers don’t want any surprises and we are committed to providing options that drive confidence in the transaction,“ said Fredrick Standfield, Vice President of Manheim’s Assurance Solutions. “Our clients expressed interest in an assurance option for older inventory so we created the Limited Powertrain Inspection.”

As part of its commitment to building dealer confidence in the wholesale transaction, Manheim earlier this year created an Assurance Advisory Panel comprised of 17 general managers representing each division and region of Manheim’s field structure. This group is working with the corporate assurance team to refine current products and develop new offerings to give clients peace of mind with every purchase.

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