Company Info

Manheim® is North America’s leading provider of vehicle remarketing services, connecting buyers and sellers to the largest wholesale used vehicle marketplace and most extensive auction network. Through 127 traditional and mobile auction sites and diverse digital channels, the company helps dealer and commercial clients achieve business results by providing innovative end-to-end inventory solutions. Approximately 18,000 employees enable Manheim to register about 8 million used vehicles per year, facilitate transactions representing nearly $57 billion in value and generate annual revenues of $3 billion. Headquartered in Atlanta, Manheim North America is a Cox Automotive™ brand. 

Manheim has set the industry standard for buying and selling used vehicles at live auctions, and online, for the past 71 years. It all began in 1945 when Manheim was established as a wholesale vehicle auction operation. The first sale offered three vehicles in one lane in Manheim, Pennsylvania. Manheim Pennsylvania is now the world's largest wholesale auto auction, with 30 lanes and spanning 600 acres. 

Today, we have the largest auction network in North America. We operate 82 traditional sites, which conduct live auction sales on almost any type of vehicle. We also offer 53Man (and growing) mobile locations that take the auction experience directly to the seller, allowing flexible access to inventory. Additionally, we offer a robust digital marketplace, with 24/7 access, for remarketers to buy and sell vehicles, source vehicles and attend live sales via the internet.