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Manheim and DealShield Make Protection Automatic
Inspections provide buyers with added confidence

Atlanta, August 17, 2018 - This week Manheim and DealShield introduced its new Automatic Purchase Protection Suite, which allows buyers to arrange for an automatic Post Sale Inspection or Limited Powertrain Inspection (as appropriate) and the DealShield360 Guarantee on all purchases.

When it comes to purchasing vehicles, buyers don’t want any surprises. Purchase protection services help clients avoid risk and offer three different purchase protection options to meet the dealer’s specific needs.

“Simply put, Automatic Purchase Protection is peace of mind for the buyer. Clients want us to make their lives easier, help them with due diligence on their purchases and provide flexibility when something is unexpected.  We have seen the success of clients who use DealShield guarantees and buy 25 percent more cars and arbitrate 40 percent less,” said Brett Woods, AVP DealShield. “With a need to make purchase decisions faster, and the upward trend of online buying, growing our assurance offerings for our clients is critical.”

The Automatic Purchase Protection Suite adds peace of mind for buyers purchasing more inventory online and gives greater confidence when buying inventory from unfamiliar sellers.  Additionally, dealers opening a new lot, seeking unfamiliar inventory or dealers who do not have dedicated wholesale buyers, can benefit from automatic protection on their purchases.

Individual coverage is still available for Limited Powertrain Inspection (LPI) and Post Sale Inspections (PSI). DS360 guarantee is available as a subscription only.

Additional offers such as Ready. Set. Pause which pause the purchase protection timeline when dealers chose Ready Logistics for transportation, make it very convenient to buy with more certainty.

DealShield has seen more than 60 percent revenue growth year-over-year and has guaranteed $9.7B in vehicles since its inception in 2012

What does PSI cover? PSI is a basic mechanical inspection inclusive of a 7-day or 14-day inspection guarantee. PSI is for newer vehicles and for vehicles with less than125K miles. Vehicles sold under green light and purchase price over $3000 qualify.

What does LPI cover? Limited Powertrain Inspection is a mechanical inspection of major vehicle components inclusive of a 7-day guarantee for any high-mileage (over 125K miles) or older vehicle. Vehicles sold under green light, green & yellow or yellow light AND purchase price is over $3000, qualify.

What is DS 360 guarantee? With a DS360 guarantee you can purchase a vehicle, and if it doesn't meet your needs, return it for a full refund — no questions asked. The DS360 guarantee is available for purchase on a subscription basis. Get up to 21 days and 360 post purchase miles. Return vehicles to any U.S. Manheim location, for any reason