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Multi-Million Dollar Sustainability and Security Enhancements Benefit Manheim Texas Hobby Clients and Community
Three initiatives deliver improved conditions, reduced risks and peace of mind.

HOUSTON – Completing a two-year, more than $6 million investment in sustainability and security enhancements, Manheim Texas Hobby clients and team members and the Houston community will benefit from improved conditions, reduced risks and peace of mind. Three key initiatives – a permeable paving system, water reclamation center and site security upgrades -- were backed by Manheim, the largest U.S. network of physical and digital wholesale vehicle auctions. Manheim Texas Hobby operates a 165-acre site located at 8215 Kopman Road, just minutes from the Houston airport and 40 miles from the coast. It has 18 sale lanes and registers over 3,300 vehicles per week.

“Our innovative and creative solutions are as good for our clients and the environment as they are for our business,” said Darren Slack, general manager at Manheim Texas Hobby. “We’ve made sound investments that set us apart by bringing more value to our dealers and community.”

Solutions completed this August at Manheim Texas Hobby include:

  • A $4.2 million TRUEGRID permeable paving system and a recently added 15.25-acre lot provide a cost-efficient and eco-friendly alternative to concrete or asphalt. Made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene), it remains cooler than traditional surfaces and dramatically reduces the urban heat island effect. Most important in flood-prone Houston, the new paving system is completely permeable so stormwater drains instantly, leaves no runoff and filters naturally to remove harmful hydrocarbons and pollutants which protects local aquifers.
    Beyond the environmental rewards, Manheim clients will benefit from the new paving system. Because there is no runoff, a retention pond is not needed and the full site is available for vehicle storage. Manheim Texas Hobby now holds 3,000 more vehicles than before -- a significant advantage for clients who do business at the location. And, since no runoff reduces the chance of flooding, clients’ investments in their vehicles are better protected.
  • A $250,000 Water Reclamation Center that reuses 70 percent of the water generated by the detail shop offers a cost-effective way to protect natural resources. The reverse-osmosis system is expected to save the site 1.9 million gallons of water a year and $19K.
  • A $1.75 million security upgrade -- with what has been touted as the most advanced camera system available, plus added steel plate gates and barriers around the property -- enhances protection of clients’ inventory 24/7. Upgrading and expanding coverage of the camera system installed in 2016, the new low-light, high-resolution wireless cameras operate on their own network, enabling real-time monitoring from anywhere of suspicious activity or potential storm damage. The system goes beyond traditional motion-sensing technology to encompass behavioral analytics, learning behaviors to look for and sending alerts accordingly. Characteristic recognition, coming soon, will further enhance security by pinpointing persons of interest based on clothing color, facial features and more.

Slack added, “Leveraging innovations and technology, Manheim Texas Hobby is doing even more to support our clients and their inventory, metro Houston’s environment and this facility’s 260 team members.”  

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